Glass Canopies and Walkways

A glass canopy, or a glass veranda as it is sometimes called, may be the perfect way for you to add style and functionality to the outside of your home or business. K2's canopies embrace a traditional style of architecture, but that doesn't limit their scope of possible applications. They can be installed over a deck or patio to create a protected entertainment area or outdoor kitchen. They can be built outside of restaurants to provide a covered waiting area or even a dining area. Extend our canopies to create a protected walkway outside of a school or office building.

When considering a glass canopy for your home or business, it is important to consider its durability. A quality canopy will be both attractive and strong. Because they are subject to strong winds, blazing sun and heavy snow loads, you must choose your product wisely. K2 recognizes this and assists its customers with the planning and engineering of each glass canopy, taking their regional wind and snow loads into account every step of the way.

As with all of our roof system products, the choice of glazing is yours. K2's roof system accommodates all types of glass, polycarbonate or acrylic, as long as it is 1" thick overall. We recommend our own Celsius Performance Glass or Opal Heatguard polycarbonate as a glass alternative.